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Fork and Beans

Growing up, my mother was a total Halloween pusher. This probably explains my undeniable love for the holiday. Must be hereditary–it’s in my blood…

It was never good enough that I wanted to be a Fairy Princess or a Ballerina. Oh no, in preparation for my costume, my mother would always say to me, “Why don’t you be a scary zombie? Or instead of a princess, be a headless one? Be spooky! That’s what Halloween is all about!”

This is probably why in the 8th grade when I dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood, I decided at the last minute to paint my face white and put fake blood on my neck. I was the dead version of Little Red Riding Hood–you know, the one who had been eaten up by the Big Bad Wolf. {What, you don’t remember that version in your fairy tale books?} I saw the look of pride…

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