Hot summer? No worries! You’ve got strawberry smoothie!!


Recipe from Lana Tran

This is not a raw recipe, but eh, what the heck, for a beginner like me, “cheating” once is a while is inevitable. Let’s start with a semi-raw vegan first, shall we! 


_ Silken tofu (just about 1/3 cup, to thicken, and give it a smoother texture. Plus, you’ll be amazed of how creamy it is ! Creamy without guilt is the best!!!) 

_ Soy milk ( 1 1/2 cup or Almond Milk would be awesome too!) 

_ Greek yogurt ( 1/2 cup) 

_ Strawberry (about 1 cup, yeee Natural goodness! ) 

_ Raw honey ( I used buckwheat honey- It’s loaded with anti-oxidant and is well-known for its healing power. Eating 2-5 teaspoons each day should provide you a good amount of proteins and vitamins that are essential for preventing the onset of having heart diseases, good deal, right!!) 

—> Final Step! To the blender they go!! 



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